Friday, May 8, 2009

When is the last time you felt like that?

This is more of a expression of feelings than anything else, enjoy:

We've all heard homophobic comments and people being very heterosexist about marriage and relationships. They don't take into account how little difference there is between relationships and love, no matter who the individuals are taking part. These are some common experiences in relationships (in no particular order and are not something everyone experiences), put yourself in them, then switch it to partners different from youY whether it be a strait couple, gay couple, lesbian couple, a polyamorous relationship, one or more partners are transgendered, etc. the options are numerous.

Eyes meet across the room, your stomache flutters and you hope you have the nerve to talk to them or they approach you.
The first time you stumble out the words "I love you" and wait with bated breath as they respond.... or don't.
Your first fight, you are in a fit of rage or you cry.
The first time you go to bed together, will it be tender, rough, short, intimate, painful...... you get to learn all about each other in a whole new way for the first time.
You break up and you never thought anything could hurt this badly.
You realize you have found the person you want to spend you life with.
You heal from an imeasuarable hurt.
You hold your child for the first time and realize you could never love anything this much.
Years have passed and you wouldn't have changed a moment of it.

After each statement ask yourself, when is the last time you felt like that? Then ask yourself as you imagine other relationship of very different compositions than your own, why are they any different?

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