Friday, January 8, 2010

The Few, The Proud, The Out in East Texas

East Texas has a new crew in town. Tyler Area Gays, aka TAG, has adopted a stretch of highway and the truth has come out of the closet. East Texas actually does have an LGBTQ community and they're not scared to show it.

It is no secret that East Texas is not the friendliest place for the queer community, not to mention a variety of other minorities. I spent some time a few miles east of Tyler this year, and although I actually ended up attending a down home drag show in a smoke filled bar, the hetero locals did not know what to do with this short-haired queer woman. I was actually fairly femme one night and was sirred when I walked into a gas station.

Once I got to the register the cashier said, "Sorry 'bout the 'Hey buddy,' I didn't see your important parts."

My important parts being my very obvious breasts. While I do have a love for my mammary tissue, I wondered why he thought they were so important as opposed to say, my personality.

The cashier ended up following his utterance of brilliance with, "I bet you're confusing a lot of people here in Longview."

I simply told him that I was from Austin and we had a lot of androgynous people there.

Anyway, I digress. I'm extremely excited that TAG has taken a stand and proved to Cashier Bob, and his fellow East-Texans, that they're out and proud and not backing down.

For more information on TAG's adopt-a-highway endeavor, follow this link:

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