Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Can't Stand Commercials...

So this weekend I was watching t.v. and happened to come across a certain commercial. As I watched it I grew increasingly annoyed to say the least. In fact I got so "annoyed" I had to turn off my television immediately after viewing this commercial.

Let me begin my summarizing the commercial: A couple, a man and woman (of course), are clothes shopping. And it is obvious from the beginning the guy doesn't want to be there. There is an narrator explaining all about how the guy is slowly dying away because he's "stuck" clothes shopping with his partner. And at the end of the commercial the narrator steps into the frame and comments how the guy has lost his masculinity because not only is he shopping, he's also missing some sports event on t.v. And it's all because he "lost his spine and balls", by not refusing to stay home and watch sports!

I couldn't believe how openly stereotypical and insulting the ad was. Needless to say it really worked a number on my nerves. I mean how can we make progress socially if all men are supposed to do is sit at home and watch sports? As a trans person I feel that such gender stereotyping in the media is harmful and counterproductive to change. Well, just as a human being I feel that stereotyping of any kind is harmful.

I'm sorry if this seems too scathing or angry; I'm unused to expressing negative emotions to the world. I just wish sometimes that the media was on the same page as the social justice world.

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  1. Anger is a natural emotion that can fuel passion. I applaud you for pointing this out and encourage more of it!