Friday, February 26, 2010

Marriage, Sexuality, and Judging

Thank you Dan Savage for taking the words out of my brain. I honestly don’t have much to add to this aside from my complete and total support.

Rep. Elliott of course, spoke from the position where her own sexual practices are assumed to be the norm. She has never, and probably will never, experience broad criticism, from a powerful source, for what she does in bed so she feels that it is her right to be able to criticize others.

What I would like Elliott to know is that all sex is pretty ridiculous when you think about. All sex can be described in less than attractive ways (If you look back in the Savage archives he has some not so flattering things to say about the vagina and aesthetics). It is also surprising that she would make this statement and direct it entirely towards gay men. I mean Sex in the City had an entire episode devoted towards the act, and they weren’t just talking about their gay friends!

People’s bedroom antics should not become the forum where one decides whether a person can have rights or not. At least when it involves consenting adults. Working to keep marriage from people just because you find their sexual habits distasteful is ridiculous and immature.

Anyways, read the Savage Love article and if you still want more here is Elliott in all her glory:

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