Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here's for the GOP

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So, the republican party got caught being hypocritical again. This time it involved $2,000 and strippers simulating lesbian sex.

Isn’t this the party of family values? Isn’t this the party that is trying to prevent LGBT people from having any quality of life?

Yet when it comes to the sexualities of the people in GOP, it seems they expect total freedom for themselves. Apparently, homosexuality isn’t a sin if it’s for their entertainment. How on earth could people supporting bills against gay marriage voyeuristically watch some display of lesbianism.

Examples of this hypocrisy makes me wonder why they try so hard to prevent other people from having the same rights. If they just reconciled their politics and personal lives then, I believe, we would all have a much easier time. Just like those who are LGBTQ and closeted because of shame or fear of consequences, those who aren’t open about their “vices” (as deemed by society) make it that much harder for everyone else.

The GOP shows how difficult it is to walk what they talk. If they just gave it a rest we could all breathe more easily.

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