Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Thoughts During the End of the Year

As I sit here at this computer, I wonder about some things. Summer is coming up, fast! People are preparing to graduate and move on into the next phase of their lives. Others are excited because, summer means no school work. While still others await the painful summer heat to liquefy them as they endure the harsh pace of summer classes; this is where I find myself, most unfortunately. This last dash for the finish line (for some), makes me think about my future and what I hope to have accomplished when it's my time to leave. I hope everyone has done whatever it is they set out to do while here at UT, or that at least you feel successful in whatever endeavors you have set out for yourself.

But, anyway, here are some random things to think about:
  • Obama made the "executive order" that would/will allow for same-sex partners to visit each other in hospitals.
  • Graham Norton, an openly gay British comedian, hosts his own talk show for the BBC. And he is hilarious and outrageous, as only a truly gay man can be.
  • I am probably the only queer person in the world who doesn't love Lady GaGa. I like her, but that's about it. (I'm not that big into pop culture)
  • Why are there no female hosts of network late-night shows? Do people really think women can't be funny? I mean not that the guys are that funny anyway, but... Well, besides Craig Ferguson, he's a little loony and I like that.
  • Is Hunter Parrish on "Weeds" gay? I think so, but do you?
  • Is there still a Logo network or did that go bye-bye?
  • When will Neil Patrick Harris play a gay man on a t.v. show?

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