Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a nice day for a queer wedding :)

What is marriage?


Hello? Is this thing on? I asked what is marriage?
Give up? Beats me. That's like asking what's family: it's different for each person that you ask; I'm not going to proclaim to have all of the answers or know how you should define it. All I know is that I can say, "this is marriage to ME" and someone else could have a completely opposite view... or the same view with a little tweaking. Nobody's definition will be exactly alike. Some people don't even believe that marriage should exist. So there you go! However you look at it though, is there anything wrong with two people falling in love? I should say not. How about two or more people? That's great too! More love for them! There could be a lot of restrictions between the couple(s) or none at all. Fine by me.

But BANNING PEOPLE from getting married? Really? C'mon now... we aren't in Kindergarten. To me, marriage restrictions are like stopping your classmates from using the monkey bars because they have blonde hair. about bad taste. As Americans, we really do deserve the same rights as each other COMPLETELY, not "sometimes" or "when the government feels like". So believe me when I say I'm actually somewhat proud (*gulp*) to live in a place that ideas can SLOWLY change for the better, allowing people to join in the equality.

First, snaps to the Obama Administration for recognizing Section 3 of DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act, as unconstitutional. To summarize, Section 3 basically says that marriage should only be defined as between a man and a woman and because of the recent repeal of "don't ask, don't tell", there has been a "shift" in the current administration's thinking to what is constitutionally sound. (The link is below, if you would like further clarification). THAT SAME DAY, Hawaii's governor, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, "signed legislation legalizing civil unions". Yes, I understand, some people believe that civil unions aren't marriage but remember when I said slowly changing? This is what I was referring to. Personally, and this is MY opinion, slow progress is progress; I believe the more the United State's citizens realizes that marriage is for everybody, and the more they see that LGBTQIA people are "just like everyone else", the more legislation will pass for marriage equality. And this just in today: Maryland's "Marriage equality bill" was completely passed and will be signed by Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Did I mention that this happened all this week?! To me, even though these are baby steps, they are such an important accomplishment for the queer community. We are being recognized as citizens and being allowed to partake in the thousands of rights that come with marriage. I hope that one day, everyone can have their marriage legally recognized by the nation. That's really something to celebrate in my eyes. SO, go put on your moth3&#@$%^&g stilettos and shake it for marriage babies!

I'll meet you on the dance floor :)


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