Sunday, March 27, 2011

Listening to the Rainbow

My relationship with love songs is complicated. At times, this relationship can take me on a beautiful magical ride which leaves me fantasizing about a much desired situation. Other times, it leaves me unsatisfied and frustrated. Being single and young can be hard at times. Then add being Queer to the mix and sometimes I really feel like a minority when looking at the dating pool.

Music is powerful medium of communication. Even though my iTunes is largely heteronomitive, love songs from a heterosexual experience can evoke strong emotions for me. This really proves how romance is a universal experience regardless of the various forms it manifests itself. Even though I can relate to heternomative love songs, I’d love to be able to feel lonely or enchanted after listening to a song about same sex love. However, after listening to some mainstream Queer artists I’ve notice their love songs are gender neutral. In an attempt to reach a wider audience these artists seem to be self censoring themselves. Luckily for me the Queer music underground fulfills this need.

Unfortunately, these artists stay in the underground. Maybe major record labels don’t feel Queer artist who are authentic in their art are not marketable, because the majority (straight people) will feel alienated. Hopefully this will change in the future and it will take Queer artist in the mainstream to step up. Surprise! Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” does not count.

Until then, it is important for us to create a demand for more sexual diversity in the music industry by supporting amazing underground Queer musicians. Without demand there will be no supply. And won’t it be lovely to be able to jam to some Queer music on the radio? For those who are sick of bad Lesbian folk music and being forced to listen to some obnoxious woman on an acoustic guitar with little lyrical and vocal talent, no need to fret my friend. Good Queer music exists! Or more specifically good Lesbian music exists! Check out some Homo Hop.

As far as my relationship with love songs, it is starting to look a little be more Queer. And just like comparing heterosexual relationships to Queer ones a wise man accurately says “it’s the same bullshit.” My complicated relationship with love songs still puts me on a rocky ride even though my new musical partner is Queer. Only this time, I get a satisfaction at seeing my people expressing themselves.

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