Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My year in PFP

So, it’s been a crazy year, from applying to graduation, to look for a job, to turn in grad school applications etc. However, being in PFP (Peers For Pride) has not only helped me through it all but provide me with incredible people that I can depend on.

For that matter, I have come to the decision to dedicate this blog to PFP. :)

The other day I was reflecting on how I started college and how I am getting out of it. I thought that if my freshmen self met my senior self he would be surprised. I have come a long way, and I mean it not literally but more in a personal level. I have learned to listen to the voices of people that otherwise would have been like whispers in the air. I learned that when one stands for a belief, one becomes empowered by it.

I remember that when I got here, knowing no one, barely able to get through a conversation on which I did not have to nod and pretend to know what they just told me because my knowledge in English was not that great. I remember the people that have come into my life and also those that left, but like everyone, have left its footprints in me. I remember that self that was afraid to stand up for what he believed and what he wanted. Now, I’m a completely different person. I am able to go out of my comfort side and talk about issues regarding not only the LGBTQA communities but also regarding our student body and our state government.

All of which I owe it not only to the people I have meet through my college career but also to PFP. It’s been an incredible experience in which not only I got to spread awareness about an important issue, but I got to meet amazing people that have inspired me in different and many ways.

I can tell that I will always remember all of my Peers and the experiences that we have gone through. Thanks for making my Senior year so much exciting than what I imagined, I will miss every single one of you!

los quiero,


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