Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I'm pretty sure I'm classified as that guy who's disgustingly in love and reminds everyone of how many years (FOUR! in two days) he and his wonderful beautiful partner ESTEVAN have spent together. I'm sorry if I ever get a little annoying about it sometimes, but I think I have the right to be a little proud. And what do I owe our longevity to??? Humor, Honesty, and Communication.

HUMOR! Estevan and I love to laugh, we love laughing at each other, we love laughing about each other when we aren't even in the same place, and we love laughing with each other. We're struggling college students who cannot always display our affection for each other in public and are dealing with idea that we're going to be adults in the world with fine arts degrees pretty soon .... :/ life's pretty stressful. After homework, work-work, and every day bullshit, its awesome to come home to somebody whom I can make Mexican grandmother jokes with as well as Judy Garland on Barbiturates impressions :)

HONESTY! Ok, relationships........they run as smoothly as a runway model's heart-rate after a coke binge. Sometimes person A is insensitve about person B's feelings (especially when living together). Sometimes Person B doesn't exactly love theirself right now making it difficult to love person A as is usual. The list goes on and on there are so many things that are hard to talk about but really should be talked about, especially with your significant other. It gets easier over time ;)

COMMUNICATION! talk talk talk!!!! Talk about when you all wanna have a date night, touch base on the sex experience, talk about marriage and kids and hopes and dreams and everything in between. Sex brings the physical bodies close and puts them in-sync. Talking puts the mental and spiritual bodies in-sync in my opinion. Talking demonstrates trust of your partner which doesn't necessarily become an unnecessary thing after the first year.

So yeah, I'm proud of us. and these are some important things in our relationship that I hope people can learn from or tune out as one of my DISGUSTINGLY IN LOVE rants :)