Monday, February 6, 2012

Between Women

A few weeks ago, after the season finale of Awkward Black Girl (ABG), I was looking for a new web series to watch. I'm not really sure how I came across this. It might have been a re-tweet from ABG, Issa Rae.

Between Women is a new Lesbian web series that I discovered. Let me just list a few of my favorite shows: Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother and of course, Friends. As you can see all very Heterosexual normative TV shows. (With the exception of Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Torres Lesbian Relationship in Grey's Anatomy)

The first episode is the deal maker of watching the series. When I watched Between Women I thought it would be another "L Word" series. -It wasn't.
Have I read queer books? Yes. Have I watched queer movies? Yes. Have I ever been exposed to Queer TV? No, not really. ( Will & Grace, Queer eye for the straight, and Tila Tequila's reality show -only reinforce the stereotypes of the LBGTQ community)

Between Women revolves around a group of black lesbians from Atlanta and their experiences. Each women has a journey and  personal struggles. The best quality of this web series is that it is real.

Real (adj)
1. The action of being true to the code of ethics of one's self, culture and environment.
2. Being exactly as appears of as claimed
3. Free from any intent to deceive or impress others.
(brought to you by

We see women who are in happy relationships, who are unfaithful, or who are on a personal journey, and we see every emotion and situation in between. These women come in different sizes, color, styles and are all strong women; As well as breaking stereotypes. 

What really drew me into this series is how much I can relate to some of these experiences. Real women in real situations. The first two episodes deal with interpersonal violence between Brooke and Allison, which is a topic that is typically associated with heterosexual couples. We see characters like Miller and Mecca (Which are my two favorite!) who are trying to find the girl of their dreams. Then there is Sunny, the youngest of the bunch who is still taking steps out of the closet. This series really offers something for all women. Wheather it's first date jitters or family priorities.

This web series definitely has allowed me to branch out into more LGBTQ Tv. ( IndieQueer Multicultural Cinema  did a great job in focusing the struggles women face (regardless of sexual orientation) when it comes to romance, friendship and growth.

I totally recommend this web series and encourage  you to expand your interest. There is so much to learn from different communities and culture. You might also find some common ground.
Get out and Go out!

-Between Women is currently trying to get on the Women Entertainment channel and/or BET Channel. -

Episode 5 Premires TOMORROW @ 9 PM EST! 

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