Thursday, February 23, 2012

How I Met An Ally

There is a How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 1 episode where Ted talks about a yellow umbrella that led him to his children’s mother. Now, I know what you're thinking "Sam, there's no gay stuff in HIMYM" -Uh, there's Robin's doppleganger "Lesbian Robin" Yea, I know. Just read!

The Umbrella

When we use the word “queer,” and I mean those who use it for educational and historical content – not as a slur.  The word “queer” is used as an umbrella term for LGBTQ and the rest of the "Queer alphabet." In this blog, I am referring to the A in Ally, and may I state not all allies may consider themselves under the umbrella. 

Now, before I continue let me just use this time to give myself a quick intro. (since I failed to do so in my previous blog) I am a ally from an early age. When I was six, I found out a close family member identified within the LGBT alphabet. If you can imagine such thing at six, it was incredibly difficult. When I found out I cried, not because I was angry or against it but because I didn’t understand. In retrospect, it was like my brain was ripping apart the gender binary and sex designations that were always apparent. 

My parents have always been really real about things with me, which they never did perfectly (No one's perfect!) and I appreciate that more than anyone could understand. The most important thing I got from this was to respect people’s experiences and to love them for their unique qualities and the individuals they are.

Texas Weather - It's never the same the next day

You know when Facebook Timeline c a m e  o u t. Some fb users liked it, while others wanted to go back. Now, when we think of granting “marriage rights to gays.” The fight is much more than a piece of paper, it is for Equal Rights. It is happening and I think we become opposed to change. It’s human nature, we may not always like it -whatever the change may be.  As much as we are against change, it’s happening. Change is happening all around us, all the time and whether we like it or not “it’s happeninnnnn’.” 

I know I always seem really hopeful about these things and that’s because I think there are more allies than we think - which means there is more to be done. More education is always a good start! We need to become more active, whether it means lobbying or giving someone safe space as a LGBT individual or any space. Of course, it helps if we accept change and I understand not everyone is able to do that and that's okay. (Unless, they're hurting people - that's a completely different story.)

Forecast - slightly queerly 

I believe, just like we “got over” race, gender, and disabilities oppression legally in our country. I believe that equal rights for the LGBTQ community will happen in my lifetime and I totally want to be a part of that.

So when I talk about the umbrella term and when I think about myself under the umbrella – I’m not holding the umbrella. I am not holding the umbrella because I have not experienced the challenges, discrimination or the fear.

When I say I feel queer, it is because I see myself under the umbrella, not holding it but walking under it and behind those holding the umbrella. Because I am walking behind those who hold their umbrella, those who hold on tight with everything they got and with those who are bearly holding on. I walk behind to understand, to support and to be there when it stops raining. 

Throwback! 98 Degrees - Because of you

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