Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal Public Pariah

Salutations and greetings dear readers!

As this is my first blog I'll do my best to write a solid cohesive piece. <Prepare yourself!>

Much of the information I've been able to learn in PfP is quite new to me, but I still do my best to branch out and keep up with all items of severe effect. I recently found this article on the GLAAD website, referencing a Roland S. Martin of CNN. While this news channel has a particular reputation for being on the liberal side, their frequent visits from this regular commentator suggest a much darker and hateful side towards the LGBTQA community.
     According to the article Roland has quite the reputation for stressing hetero-centric views to the public, and highlighting his homophobic opinions. A small portion of the article reviews his response to the question "If his son were gay?" His response- that he would stab him. The latest of his comments coming from tonight's super-bowl game served as no better reflections of his character. His poor ideals remind me why my work in PfP is important to the world, and all of the worlds that are being destroyed and hurt by people like him. There's an incredible amount of damage being done to people through media and we shouldn't settle for representatives who attack or marginalize others.

     We start in our place-wherever that is and we move forward in our own time. I feel that the work we do in PfP isn't always easy- but it's an amazing journey and one day we'll see it change worlds.

PfP Love!

Here's a quick link to the story if you're interested:

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