Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi, nice to see you again. This will be my last scheduled post for the semester, although I will look into how much freedom I have to keep updates going on this platform into the future.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we are capable of. Absolutely take that statement and use it to come up with your own definitions of what capability means to you. No matter how we navigate our lives as students, friends, employees, lovers, family members, or anything else, there are different things in each of those roles that make us feel proud of what we are capable of doing. Personally, I don’t really see myself capable of things in the present tense. All those feelings of pride in myself come with reflection. When I do things in the moment I do them because they feel right to me, because it will better those around me, because I love someone. Whenever things are difficult or when stress becomes a really prevalent state of being, there is no time to see the beauty and power of ourselves. In those moments, there is more time spent thinking about how to make the tough times past the fastest. Of course, tough times mean different things to everyone.

Navigating life with the notion that you are capable of doing whatever you want or whatever is expected of you is something I am trying to find out for myself. Entering situations with that in mind, you can overcome whatever is in front of you.
Or you can just take life as it come and look back to see all the incredible things you have done.

But, through all of this, take care of yourself as this tough little thing called life is happening. You are capable of everything, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

Now, I’m just really excited that summer is coming and that I will finally have my overwhelming feeling of joy in seeing what I have been capable of. I find it interesting how much of my life is defined by what I can accomplish in a semester's time, and instead of exhausting myself and unpacking that, I will just address it and move forward knowing that this is stage in my life that I am absolutely grateful for nonetheless.  

Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my journey as a member of the 6th cohort of Peers for Pride, a program with enormous capability to transform thoughts and language around LGBT issues, and the beautiful thing about this program is that you see that as it is happening before you. This program has made me see what I am capable of.

All my love,
Stephanie Salazar

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