Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Onion! Why must you make me cry?

I picked up a copy of The Onion, that grand satirical news source we all love to hate and hate to love, and saw the word "gay" on the headline of the front page. My muscles clenched a bit, my mind froze in anticipation of anger and frustration, and my eyes wandered through the story. The headline was "Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian."

WTF Mate!?!?

The story chronicles a normal high school gay boy who has started to have strange feelings when walking past churches or watching the 700 Club. He is scared what might happen if comes out as a flaming fundamentalist. It is a complete 180 from the coming out we have all come to dread and love.

So why the tears? Mostly because I couldn't resist the pun. On a serious note, in its own fun-poking way, the Onion has given rise to an explanation that can finally explain to the public the coming out process without bringing up thoughts of anal sex, HIV, diesel dykes, and drag queens.

It makes me think of all the other ways I've had to come out that don't have to do with my sexuality (i.e. Jewish, a Billy Joel Fan, a liberal, a person who paints her toenails). So it is hard to take the Onion seriously, but seriosuly, they have a point.

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