Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Random Question

I don't often blog, so I suppose I'll just talk about something that I've been contemplating for a while. We live in a world of mixed, and often times contradictory, messages:

"You should be happy with your body, but only when your thin."
"You should happy with yourself, but only if your conventionally beautiful."
"You should help others, but only if they're your equals."

But really what I want to talk about now is the question of self-image. How many out there don't have a healthy self-image? Probably too many to count. I wonder how many of those identify within the Queer community. I know for myself body image issues, "self-esteem"issues, and self-image issues have been a near constant, in my life. I've never wanted to be handsome; I've never wanted to be broad and tall; I've never wanted to be masculine in anyway, even stereotypical ones.

For those of us who live beyond or behind the mainstream world, how do we wrestle with issues of looks and self-love? Do we battle alone in a world that doesn't even pretend to tolerate us. A world where are bodies are invisible unless they are "beautiful" or un-"pass"-able. A world that does not cater to us or even notice we're there.

Or do we stand together to combat the incessant use of looks to control us? What does it mean for a Queer person to have a healthy self-image, or self-esteem? What does it mean when mirrors no longer haunt our lives?

We all have a life journey to live. We all have obstacles, roadblocks, impasses, and bumps that we have to get through. We all deal with issues larger than ourselves. And the only way to solve these issues is to talk about them. To talk openly and honestly about what we like or dislike about ourselves. To talk about the tragedies and triumphs of our lives. To talk about the problems we face and how we intend to face them.

Sorry if this sounds rambling, but I prefer talking to typing any day.

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