Monday, February 7, 2011

Floating Along

Yesterday there was a Law & Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) marathon that I shamelessy took part in from early day to very late in the evening. One thing I love about Law & Order is the way the writers find venues to incorporate real news/issues into the plots of the storyline. One particular one stood out to me about a serial rapist/killer who was attacking lesbians in one New York neighborhood. Kathy Griffin starred as a popular lesbian activist running an organization that fought for lesbian rights, equality, and protection from our oppressed society. Long story short, Griffins character ("Baps Duffy") true identity, a bisexual woman, was made known over the course of the police investigation. At a rally "Duffy" was forced to tell her followers that her true identity was a bisexual woman. Not did the show reveal "Duffy's" struggle to understand her "change" in identity, but it conveyed the ramifications for her "second coming-out" within her once-loving lesbian community. As the show progressed around, I found myself meditating upon all the things that I have learned in this class so far, and how a year ago I would never have even understood what sexuality means and identity, and how both are not always clear-cut for a lifetime. I remember we talked about in class how our identities can be fluid throughout our life. Watching this episode made me appreciative of how much I have learned, and made me more interested in understanding identities this semester in class.

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