Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixed feelings...

Can I just say, I'm very excited to be sharing on the PFP blog. Whenever we were writing journals, it was really just between the reader and the author. This blog is between the author and whoever just so happens to be reading it. It feels really amazing to be apart of this group. As a senior who is graduating next semester, I felt that the pinnacle of my college career, joining Peers for Pride would be the ultimate way that I could work for my community; I feel apart of everything we've done, and I've even been able to include my other friends and open their eyes as well.

Speaking of opening eyes, one of the things we learned last semester were the numerous LGBTQIA media outlets, like the Honestly, technology and I are "frienemies", sometimes we are good, and other times... It is refreshing to be able to read accurate information about issues confronting our community as can it be overwhelming to read so many stories at once. But I digress because what I want to express my frienemy relation with "Under the Boardwalk". Searching this results in youtube videos of The Drifters and Monopoly references. But on the Advocate, "Under the Boardwalk" is a reality TV show that can only be compared to the "LGBT Jersey Shore". See my dilemma/frienemy status? Let me explain:

If you have ever seen the show Jersey Shore, it is a high octane party fest between 20 somethings at the beach. They perpetuate the most obnoxious stereotypes of men and women, not to mention overtly sexist gender roles and brash heteronormative behavior. Think I'm making it up? Watch an episode and then come back to finish reading my blog post.

Can you see my dilemma yet? In watching the interview on the Advocate article, the potential cast members were really excited about putting themselves out there; they believed that it was their time to shine in the media world. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL FOR having queers identify themselves in the media, whether it be reality TV or acting. What I am completely against is only showing one side of the story: I don't want this to be a big "gay stereotype" fest and have people think, "Oh all queers are like this" or "Oh I can identify a gay/lesbian/bi/trans person by these characteristics." I don't want this show to put queers in a box, relabeling what it means to identify as LGBTQIA because it is different for all people; just like how Jersey Shore is suppose to "represent" the cross section of New Jersey young adults, I don't want viewers to think "Under the Boardwalk" represents the cross section of all queers.

That being said, what I would like to see on this show is the honest human personalities. Maybe see the cast members struggle with how they identify, to hear their story of coming out or if they are out to their parents and family members. If they have significant others or what careers they have, and if it is a struggle to hold a queer identity at their job. If there is debate about marriage or other political parties. YES!! YES!! I realize, it's a reality show, people are going to be partying but these issues should come out (literally and figuratively) whenever the personalities become really close or have had too much alcohol ;)

That's all for this post, lovely readers. Believe me if this show comes on, I will be updating all of y'all with my reactions.

-Nina aka the FemmeDeathTrap

A Gay Jersey Shore Situation

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