Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you fit enufff???

So Spring Brake is around the corner! Are you excited? I know I am. Mostly because I for once will get some decent sleep (I hope). I still do not know if I will be going somewhere for the brake, I do know some friends that are going to the beach, they offered if I would like to go and I’m not sure.I am a shy person when it comes to showing skin, I always been like that.

As I was working out which, I personally hate but I like the feeling I get afterwards, I can’t help to noticed all the cute guys around me, this thought however, leaves as faster as it entered my mind. Why? You might ask, well for one major reason, most of them are show offs.

If you ever been to a gym, especially here at UT, you know what I’m talking about. There is always this one guy with incredible muscular structure, but with the way he talks and behaves one can’t help to wonder if that is it, if this guy has, if any, a personality that might be likable.

This point is somewhat raised by an article by James Adonis in an Australian gay magazine. The reason why I am loyal to this magazine it’s because it was the first gay magazine I ever bought. Putting that aside, the article raises the point that the author is feeling uneasy about summer coming up. Especially because he does not feel physically fit for the season. It also raises the very good point (I think) that we, as society both gay and straight, have come to associate muscular figure with masculinity.

So much is the effect that the more muscles the more masculine one is, the less muscles the less masculine, etc. This “Muscle Mary” syndrome as the author calls it, highly resembles that guy I talked about at the beginning. There are guys out there so obsessed with their physical looks that they go to incredulous extremes to achieve what they think is a “perfect body”.

However, I seen many guys that even when they have the muscles, they can’t seem to stop. They become greedy, and keep bulking up. Why? Well, I assume, that makes them more of a “man”. My question is, does it? One could argue that I might not be happy with my own physique, and that perhaps that is a reason as to why I am writing this today. Be that as it may, the fact that we as a society had come to appreciate those with better physiques still remains.

Personally, I am comfortable with my body, I sometimes complain that I could lose a couple of pounds, but I won’t go to extremes to achieve this. Mainly because I had acknowledged the fact that if I’m going to date someone they should like me for what I am, not for what I pretend to be. I had the great opportunity to have that experience, and that is what took the veil of my face. But perhaps the most important thing for me is this: If I am going to change it will be for me, not for anyone else.

What do you think???

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