Friday, April 8, 2011


More and more I am realizing the importance classification has on society, and the positive and negative roles it can have. I think things like census's and other documents that require us to meticulously right down or click which words or phrases best describe who we are and in what stage of our lives we are in. I am someone who hates to feel out these questionnaires because I typically feel as though I am lumping myself into some generalized group, and have lost all my individuality or what makes Peace Peace.

However, I consider what classifications have the potential to do. It helps to formulate statistics that can lead to research within various groups. For minority ethnic/racial groups and cultures research can be the key to helping those who may disadvantaged. In speaking in terms of the LGBTQ population this is most important because so little research is done and known about the various communities within this population. When speaking in terms of health and psychological advancements this is most important in understanding if we are in any way wanting to help people and/or eliminate disparities that divide different groups. Thus, in a way these classifications actually emphasize our differences and allows us to see that we are all different and are in need of various specific needs to sustain our well-being. I guess the next time I fill out an application that asks me whether I am black or what my income status is, I will know this may be all for the greater cause!

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