Friday, April 8, 2011


Ok, so hold on to your seat because this is going to be upsetting.

Imagine that you are in prison; as if that was not enough imagine that you are MTF transgender individual in mention prison. Now imagine that the government decided to put you in a male prison. That is what happened to Veronica Baxter. She was imprisoned in a male jail and was found hanging in her cell. ALAS the corrective services will never admit that they committed an error, of course not they stated that Veronica seemed “happy and talking”.

I thought officials were trained on techniques of deception. I am personally related to this, because sometimes we are forced to smile even when the structures of my insides are crumbling into pieces.

Veronica asked to be transferred to a female prison but her request was denied (what a shocker huh)

The question arises, did she really killed herself, or was she murdered by transphobic inmates and maybe even perhaps personnel? Apparently she made multiple calls to the staff using a knock-up box that apparently is used for emergencies. But it seems as if no one can remember why she called or who answered those calls.

But you know, it takes an even such as this for people to learn their lesson, now the corrective services are going to keep record of those calls and what the inmates wanted.

I personally do not know what to think. She might have killed herself, after all in a male dominated prison some bullying and harassment is almost bound to happen. Especially in that kind of environment where masculinity is the only language they speak. Or she could have been murdered by people from that prison. What it is more annoying to me is the fact that no one remembered what she wanted; it is as if her requests did not matter.

Let me tell you something, they do!

Everyone has the right to be heard, and in an environment such as that, where one can see there is a constant danger to a person, this right should be highlighted.

Now imagine a future, where stuff like this do not happen......I bet its pretty awesome.

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