Saturday, February 2, 2013

I, like many of my peers, spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to write for my first blog post. There are so many issues I've been learning about over the past few weeks such as mass incarceration in Texas, the Undocumented Queer movement, subcultures within our Queer community, sexism in the LGBTQ movement, Femme invisibility-- the list is endless. But then I stumbled upon this article: 

To give a brief synopsis, Morehouse College is teaching their first LGBTQ related course this term, and it is controversial to say the least among its critics. Like many articles relating to Queer issues, I would advise against reading the comments. Really. So why am I writing about this small college and their newest addition to their course catalog? 
In Peers for Pride, one of the things we discuss rather often is privilege and power. We talk about people who have privilege, we talk about organizations that have access, we rant about the privileges those in power have, and the resources that are so unequally distributed. But what about our privilege? One of my personal New Year's resolutions is to pay more attention to my own privileges, and the power that I do have in society. 
So here I am, talking about how privileged I am to even be in this course. Peers for Pride is the first of its kind (to my knowledge), and it is an amazing opportunity. We have courses on Feminist theory, Black Queer Cinema, Sociology of Masculinities, and so many others. We have access to these courses, and we have the opportunity to learn more about our respective communities and the beauty and power that lie within them. I am so honored to be in this course with so many amazing people. It reminds me just how strong our communities are, and how much work there is to be done. The student driven initiative at Morehouse College is proof of that. 

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