Sunday, May 1, 2011

My thoughts as of now...

So as the semester is winding down, I have the opportunity to think back to everything that I have learned this year, what I have become more conscious of, and other things I have felt and been exposed to.

I am more aware of the discrimination that is apparent inside of us all because for some reason we being non-perfect people, have to continually try to do/be perceived as being better than the next person. I feel that in this class I have been challenged to confront my prejudices as Peace and as a person apart of this heteronormative society. I wonder sometimes why it was so hard for me to open up and to accept others. And I guess why is it so hard for any of us ("straight folks") to do so. What makes the LGBTQ community so hard to accept? Or any marginalized group for that matter? A friend once told me that as humans we always look for something to separate ourselves or distinguish ourselves from the next person. I do not see anything wrong with being an individual except if that trumps on the ability of our neighbor to be an individual. Our nature can be so unloving and hurtful at times that it causes me to constantly question whether we are inherently good or bad? However, that is a debate I am not attempting to get into or an argument to engage in. I just know for certain that with knowledge and faith with an open heart, we can accomplish love. I have had a series of "Who am I?" moments. "Who am I not to accept you?" "Who am I to think I better the next person?" I feel the world would look different if we thought more introspectively. However, I know that that can be scary because confronting negative things about yourself and owning up to them is not something that we are typically programmed to do.

I watched this show and it was about discrimination within the LGBTQ community. Watching that show and reflecting back on what was spoken about in class, I realized how it is also dangerous for anyone whether a marginalized group or not to become complacent and oblivious that we too can hold onto sentiments of discriminations. One thing I have learned this year is to constantly be aware of your feelings and to guard your heart from exposure to hate. Sometimes it may be easy to adopt those same characteristics you may dislike. It is so easy to do and I think alot of us fall into that trap. Thus, surrounding yourself around examples of love and acceptance is, in my eyes, the best way to actively work towards becoming this person I want to be.

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